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Onsite Massage, Posture &  Flexibility workshop or a combo!


There is evidence to support that creating an environment to support employee wellness (and appreciation!) will raise morale, energy levels, alertness and reduce repetitive strain and postural issues that could result in lost work time, or quality of work.


Nita is dedicated to helping people prevent and alleviate postural issues that can cause aches, pains, dysfunction, low energy, 'age-related symptoms', headaches, repetitive strain... most of this and more can be helped simply by understanding our bodies better and becoming more aware of our unconscious habits, and creating healthier habits that will only take a few moments  a day. 


Something as simple as getting up from the desk for a couple of minutes every hour--to walk around the office or do 2-3 minutes of stretching techniques--has a huge impact on the health and well-being of each individual. This is also a benefit for the employer.


However, it is also important for employees to be shown some basic techniques that they can implement throughout the workday, and on their own, to help with their posture & flexibility, which can prevent and alleviate a multitude of health issues, and helping them to perform more optimally. 


Nita offers a few options for Corporate Wellness:

On Site Massage~ This can be 'Employer Paid' or 'Employee Paid'.

Someone at your office will put a 'list' together of everyone who would like to receive a massage on the assigned day. Sessions will be 15-30 minutes per person. Employees remain fully clothed, and receive massage/assisted stretching through their clothing.

Depending on the room we are assigned,  Nita will still bring a massage table instead of massage 'chair'...this has proven to be much more relaxing for everyone, and makes it possible to also implement assisted stretching. However, if space is an issue, a massage chair is absolutely available.

If employees are paying for this service, it is required that the person signing everyone up collects payment ahead of time to avoid last minute 'no shows'...

Each person will be shown a couple of specific stretches to help with their particular postural issue.

2 hour minimum- 6 hour maximum.


Posture & Flexibility/ 'Unwind & Get Back In Balance!'

 Nita has created this workshop in several time formats.                

This could be a one-time 60 minute lunch workshop, a series over 3-4 weeks, or on a Wellness/Health Fair day we could offer several workshops of varying lengths. We have also done mini 15 minute versions when there is a smaller space with many employees.

Handouts will be emailed to the office manager/person who is coordinating the event to deliver to the participants, after the event.

(See 'Workshops' for complete details).

It is important to understand 'how and why' the body gets to where it is...what may be causing pain and restriction in order to alleviate the issue. The site of discomfort is not always the cause of the problem. Participants will walk away with tools that will help them to feel more mobile, flexible, improved energy and alertness, and able to address various repetitive strain issues ...and have fun doing it!



Nita can come in on your Wellness Day and offer the Posture & Flexibility workshop and follow it with On Site Massage Therapy.



Please Inquire!

Price will vary depending on distance traveled, length of program, number of participants, massage-workshop ratio, etc. But in general,$100 per hour within 2o minutes of our location, plus parking if applicable.

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