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Unwind~ & Get....Back In Balance!




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'She' who works with her hands is a laborer.

'She' who works with her hands and her head, is a craftsman.

'She' who works with her hands, her head and her heart, is an artist.

~'St. Francis of Assisi'



 I am so happy to assist you on your path to healing and optimal health through Massage Therapy, Assisted Stretching, Energy Healing, Wellness Workshops, Posture & Flexibility,  and information through my Articles/Newsletter.

It is my goal to facilitate in more healthful and joyful way of living, to Inspire and create Awareness, Balance, Empowerment, Healing, Harmony and Peace within each day of our lives!


'Balance' is a process,

not necessarily an 'end point'.


Massage Therapy, Stretching, Proper Nutrition, Rest and Activity are all important. 
However, there are many more facets of the healing process. 
There is much to learn within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives. 
If something is out of balance in the latter three, it may manifest as a disruption in the physical form. 

For instance, stress that creates ulcers, procrastinating a dreaded task or discussion that creates a headache, or feeling the "weight of the world on your shoulders" that results in literally tight shoulders!

Please use this site & my newsletter as a "launch pad" in your own discovery of self-care, to guide you in making sound choices that can benefit you~ body, mind and spirit. 

Please also visit my facebook page Back In Balance with Nita Keesler for fun, inspiring and informative 'shares' =)



What makes 'me' different?

Aside from what is written in 'About Nita' page, I really listen and tune in to what you are asking for with your massage session...I combine my knowledge and experience with my intuition along with what you verbally ask for. 

This seems like a no-brainer, but going by my experiences receiving massages by folks who can't or won't give me the pressure I need, focus on the areas I ask, or just don't listen to what I ask for overall--And in dealing with my own body aches and pains --I use all of this to help others in my work~

I 'Listen'... with my ears, my hands, and my intuition.

I have been told I am 'strong yet gentle at the same time', meaning that I can get 'into' the muscles without intense pain... slight discomfort is okay, but extreme pain in your session generally is not!

 Some say that my touch is also 'compassionate precision'...not just glazing over the muscles, in a fluff massage, but really getting to the core of the issue to feel therapeutic. On many occasions clients have told me that they were delighted that I zoned right into an area that was bothering them that they had forgotten to tell me about...

I do not believe that a  certain state of being in dysfunction is 'normal'... I think many maladies are 'common', and can be alleviated, prevented and cared for.  

I am also a yoga/flexibility instructor so I can offer suggestions for stretches and exercises to help you with your self care at home and can hold wellness workshops & stretching classes or one-on-one lessons so you can have optimal benefits from your massage session.



And yet, if you are not interested in 'correction' and simply want to unwind and relax.... I honor that too! In the few instances that I do not feel as though I am the right person for what you are looking for, I am always happy to refer you to someone I feel may work better for your needs.


I look forward to helping you to Unwind ~                                           
                         & get 'Back In Balance'!


Much Love, Light and Peace~






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