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The finest compliment I can receive is a referral from past clients, customers and students. 

Thank you for your trust!  

If you have received a massage or assisted stretching session with me,

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Thai Massage/Assisted Stretching


~I really enjoyed Nita's Thai massage session.  It's one thing to stretch out on your own, but she is able to stretch your body in ways you didn't think it was capable of.  Whether you are getting ready for an athletic event or just suffering from chronic muscle and nerve problems, I would highly recommend this.  There is absolutely no comparison between these sessions and trying to do the same thing on your own.  What is nice is that it is passive stretching, where you really can just sit back and let Nita do the work.  I've found for several days after, my body is circulating better and I just feel a whole lot more flexible and loose, not tight and rigid like before. "-Steve S


~I cannot say enough about Nita and her ability to make you feel at your body’s best. Today I had the privilege to experience a Thai massage. I am one of those people who does not like change, and Nita was able to assure me that this type of massage would be beneficial to me. The gift that I received from Nita after my Thai massage was NO BACK PAIN. I walk around and always feel tightness and pain, but after the massage, I felt great. Nita is truly gifted and I don’t think I say that much about anyone. To sum things up, I cannot believe that I feel this great and this is the best massage that I ever received. Thanks again and again.  Your forever client-Dottie F

~I have been a client of Nita's for over 2 years now.  I have tried most of the different massages that she offers.  I highly recommend the Thai Massage.  It was very relaxing and helped me to really stretch some of my sore and aching muscles.   -Karen M.


~I always know that I will receive a great massage with Nita! She gives it her all every time, never a half-hearted effort. I am always satisfied with the results. I’ve had many massages before, but none like Nita’s. With her extensive education and experience she seems to help heal areas that other massage therapists could not.  I have enjoyed increased mobility in my hips and shoulders, and improved over all flexibility due to her assisted stretching routine! –-Steve Erdman

~Nita always puts 100% into every massage. I've never left a massage without feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated.  The way she incorporates therapeutic stretching in with her massage adds a special touch that I've never received from any other therapist!  She's one of a kind! -Jennifer Lou

~Just wanted to thank you for my last massage session! As always I left feeling absolutely wonderful and my whole body felt relieved and relaxed. I especially enjoyed the Thai-Yoga stretching and the new techniques that you are working in! The assisted stretching really releases a lot of muscle tension for me. I have complete trust in you at all times knowing that your care is always giving me the very best! Looking forward to my next visit! -Mike Adlis

I received a Thai Massage from Nita. It was done with positive energetic movements. A very thorough and enjoyable experience. If you have never experienced a Thai Massage, you don't know what you are missing! Nita is a great practitioner. Harry Wade


Therapeutic Massage and Raindrop Technique


Nita Keesler, I want you to know that I thank you at least twice a week for everything you taught me about how to take care of that dreadful pain I was getting in my hip (piriformis?) whenever I was driving because it is almost entirely gone now. As long as I do what you taught me every day, everything is good. (Oddly, it also seems to have helped my lower back in general, an added plus.) You are a body goddess! ~Victoria Pendragon


"Hands of an Angel, I can feel your heart and soul in every massage you give". - Dr. Edward Sobel, Chiropractor.


Thank you, my friend and healer!!! It is not just your talented hands that make you a healer, but your beautiful soul, love of all living creatures (well, MOST, anyway!) and your boundless positive energy that flows through you that invigorates, inspires and restores not only my body but my soul!! I am looking forward to seeing you this weekend!!!-Howard Steingard

Went to Nita with a sinus infection and no voice.  Came out feeling wonderful!  You are the best! -Christine P.

Feeling finally pain free and amazingly relaxed and determined not to wait so long for my next massage session with the incredibly talented and skilled Nita Keesler!! Thank you so much!! :) M.E.

"As a Krav Maga self-defense instructor it is vital that I have a full range of motion and mobility. Nita Keesler addressed specific tightness and gnawing pains in both my neck and upper legs which has enabled me to be more effective and pain free on and off the training floor. She is a wonderful therapist who is dedicated to her clients. I highly recommend her work." - Abel Kahn

The "Raindrop Therapy" from Nita transports you to a tropical island! It literally makes you feel that you are in paradise! My two-hour regular massage session every two weeks does not come soon enough. Nita is fabulous! - JoAnn Perotti

A little slice of heaven - Sandy M.

This was the first time I had three consecutive days pain free in over 10 years! It is unbelievable. Thank you Nita, for helping me to see that I don't have to live with pain forever. - Ryan M.

Nita has amazing blend of being strong and gentle at the same time. She seems to just know how much your body will be able to handle to relieve the tension, without causing more pain. - Pat R.

Your voice itself relaxes me even before your hands do their magic! - Joan P.

Nita's massage defines therapeutic. Her knowledge and experience really shows through in her bodywork. My muscles feel stretched, invigorated and ready to work again when she is through. As a full time massage therapist myself, I really appreciate her expertise. - Elisa Fisher, ACMT

With my background in Health & Wellness, and my training as a Massage Therapist, I am particularly selective with who I choose for my own massages. Nita has been attentive to, and effectively fulfilled on, my own needs, preferences and requests. Her range of knowledge and sensitivity allows her to offer a variety of services and modalities. I LOVE the body cushion for comforting support and a deeper, specific, and relaxing massage. - Barb Samuel

In a word- revitalizing! For my 40th birthday I made sure to include a massage from Nita on the day's "to do list". I knew that it would make my body happy and make me feel younger! Such a nice indulgence. Nita is so talented! - Laverne Tyrell

My husband, Jim, and I agree - Nita is THE BEST massage therapist we have ever encountered! How fortunate we are to have found her. She is professional, competent, extremely talented at what she does and most importantly, very responsive to the needs and sensitivities of her clients. Nita will tailor her effective touch to the level of intensity her client desires-her anatomical and physiological knowledge are impressive. Nita manages to home right in on those "trouble spots" and work them out; she even finds those hidden knots that cause pain that one didn't even realize were the culprits! - Gail Morrison - Hall & - Jim Hall-Morrison

Little did we know that one of the best Christmas gifts of a fretful 2004 would be a gift certificate with Nita Keesler. The death of my mother, my husband's stroke and then a disastrous rear end car crash requiring hand surgeries and months of physical therapy would leave us both fragile and out of balance. Our 3 ? year relationship with Nita brought us back in balance and on the road to wellness. The therapeutic massages, in addition to the advice and feedback on posture, stretching, strengthening and healing would prove to be exactly what we needed to heal and move on. For aiding us to health and happiness, we are ever so thankful and grateful to Nita. She is truly a gifted healer! - Michelle & Jim Ricca

I have been getting a regular monthly massage for years. None have been as good as those I receive from Nita Keesler twice a year when we are together at a Woman Gathering. She finds the trouble spots and by the time I get off the table they are no longer a problem. She is the best! - Elaine Mahla

Nita was terrific! Up until I got a massage with Nita, during my pregnancy, I would get an achy back when I sat or laid down for any amount of time. After the massage, it never came back (I thought it would eventually). It was wonderfully relaxing and very beneficial for the baby and me. I highly recommend a pregnancy massage with Nita. She really knows her stuff. - Lucia Testa

After I received a massage from Nita, I felt like my emotions were crystal clear and my mind could take on anything. I almost felt weepy, I felt so cleansed! Easily one of the best massages I've ever had. - Alison Carlisle

I find Nita's balanced approach to body work very effective. She looks at the whole person, not just one area of the body that may be tight or painful. She recognizes that any message the body is giving may have larger implications. She is extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. My massage experiences with Nita have had wonderfully positive healing effects. - Gail Priest

I have been a client of Nita's for over 5 years. I look forward to our massage sessions knowing that I will leave feeling completely refreshed and relaxed. She never fails to renew my body and spirit. Nita truly has "magic" in her hands. - Sandy Lipovsky.

I received a gift certificate for a massage with Nita. I had an injured shoulder at the time and almost delayed getting the massage because of it. I tentatively made the appointment and told Nita about my injury before the session. She focused right in on the tight muscles and actually fixed my shoulder! She did a special stretching session after massaging the muscles and my shoulder was dramatically better right away. I thought that the soreness might return, but in subsequent visits, she worked on the tightness and has returned me to full mobility! The sessions are also extremely nurturing and calming. - Jill K.

"Nita's massages have been a definite blessing to me. Nita is warm and friendly and she genuinely cares about your overall health, looking at the whole person rather than just being there to simply give a massage. She's also very knowledgeable about a variety of health-related topics. The massage itself is very thorough and never rushed, with Nita spending a good amount of time on each part of the body searching for hidden tensions or pains. I always leave the massage table feeling rejuvenated and relaxed, while her assisted stretching exercises leave me feeling a lot more flexible. After being unable to participate in sports for months, after the last massage I felt so loose and flexible that I went out and beat two guys in a basketball game with virtually no pain! Thanks Nita!" - Steve S.



Workshops, Seminars and Classes

If you get the chance, YogaDance!  It's fun, it's pure joy & it's a GREAT cardio workout.  You feel lighter, brighter, more open & more free.   Our awesome instructor, Nita Keesler, taught us these graceful movements with beautiful, meaningful lore behind them.  She teaches you to open up, to release and receive at the very same time.  At one point she did this nifty move where I was a flower & she was the fairy encouraging me to move & change & grow...and I noticed my heels were lifting off the ground and I swear, I was not the one lifting them.    It was a magical experience.  Looking forward to doing it again soon.= Doreen Reardon

YogaDance is a powerful expression of freedom.  It allows you to move like a child, full of flow and laughter.  I loved the partner dances and time to reflect at the end.  Nita is a great instructor and I witnessed everyone, even those that were shy, open up and relax.  She has a great way of making everyone feel at ease, and was easy to follow.  I felt great afterwards, and looking forward to another opportunity to dance!
~Valarie Haag

As a professional martial arts and fitness instructor with over 25 years teaching experience I appreciate the necessity for flexibility in all sports. To promote longevity and better health a high-quality program for flexibility is essential for any athlete as well as for the beginner. I have had the pleasure to train as a student in several of Nita Keesler's seminars as well as attend her lectures. Nita has an extraordinarily unique way of disseminating her multifaceted knowledge on the topic of flexibility and its health benefits. Nita radiates a genuine compassion for the topic as well as for the student. The material is never overwhelming or intimidating. I personally have found the information of such value I have integrated it into my own classes. I highly recommend Nita's seminars or instructional symposiums for your own facility. Thank you, Nita for the benefits your instruction has brought to me individually and professionally. - Alan M. Feldman Third Degree Krav Maga Black Belt Certified Instructor Israeli Ministry of Education

We invited Nita to offer her Therapeutic Stretching workshop at our workplace. Nita stretched our bodies, educated our minds, taught us to search our souls and created a light hearted atmosphere which allowed us to laugh and de-stress at the end of the day. Thank you, Nita!!!!! -The Gals at Bristol Township School District Admin Bldg.


I want to thank you for being so positive...and that you are an inspiration to me.
I think you are a wonderful and talented massage therapist and you have a heart of gold. Thank you so much for your guidance and support over the past year. I am so happy that you were my teacher at Rizzieri School for the Healing Arts. I feel blessed to have met you and have you teach me valuable lessons about life. 
Thank you and good luck to you where ever your life and your career may take you!
Kelly K.


Wonderful teacher. Well versed and skilled in knowledge of massage. Experience shows!- Michele Bastian

I am brand new to massage therapy, it was intimidating at first. [Nita} was kind, understanding and accomodating. I appreciate her knowledge. -Kim Forsyth

I learned a lot form this class, it was appealing in every way. Nita was very patient, calm, collective and overall knowledgeable. She always have a smile on her face and that motivated me to take Thai massage. I have always enjoyed Nita's  classes. It brings new life to flexibility and mobility. Its an instant result. Your body feels fantastic and relaxed after the movement.- Thank you Nita. You are the best!-Fatu Manacchio

Thank You Nita! I really learned a lot from you. Tonya Hennessy

Thank you so much for this class, it was an amazing experience. I gained so much knowledge from this course, it was easy and fun to learn {and] your true stories and your experiences helped.- Kate Minulich

Such a great teacher! Would love to come to another class!-Stephanie Galant

Nita is an amazing teacher with the rare ability to tune into each and every student and motivate them in a way that works for them personally. Nita has nothing but patience and encouragement to give. She is clearly passionate about the subjects she teaches and also very knowledgeable. At the same time, she never once comes across as arrogant and is also happy to learn from her students. Nita’s Thai massage classes have taught me a valuable new healing modality that brings me great joy, and in addition Nita has helped me to nurture and encourage my intuitive abilities, which in my opinion are what separate a good healer from a truly excellent one, which is how I would happily describe Nita! Thank you so very much to an exceptional teacher!--Sarah D.

I coach a 14 year old boys' travel soccer team. Nita was nice enough to hold a stretching clinic for our boys. She came prepared with soccer related stretching techniques for them to use before a game or practice and after. The boys absolutely loved her and the clinic. They learned more in that 1 hour then I could have possibly taught them in a week. They constantly refer back to the information that Nita gave them. Our two team captains used the information packets to develop a pre-game stretching routine for the whole team.-Nita, thank you from the Valley AA Tigers 93

I had the privilege of being Nita's student at Rizzieri School for Healing Arts. As our Massage Instructor, she proved herself to be a consummate professional- always organized, thorough, enthusiastic and patient. She possesses a commanding knowledge of massage and a profound understanding of the human body. She not only taught her students how to be skilled therapists, but how to be advocates for our clients' health. I consider myself lucky to know her as an instructor, a colleague, and trusted friend. - Jenny Payne

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