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Unwind~ & Get 'Back In Balance'!

Description of Services

Back In Balance~Massage & Wellness

~Where an 'hour' is still 60 Minutes!   

~An Investment in Your Health and Well-Being~

~I  typically schedule 30 minutes between sessions, so you will not 'lose time' if you are running a few minutes late.

~No 'Contract' required!


Description of Services



*Thai Massage/Assisted Stretching

*Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage 'Sports Massage'

*Swedish/Relaxation Massage

*Neck, Face and Scalp Rejuvenation

*Foot Massage with Reflexology & Salt Scrub

*Raindrop Technique

*Reiki for your Animal Companion

*Treatment Enhancements

*Private/Semi-Private Massage Lessons for Couples & Friends

*Individual Stretching Lessons (1-2 people)

*Onsite Options 


(Please Note:  Pricing below is for my location.

Sessions at Chiropractic office are a different price & schedling structure: typically 50 Min/$70 )




Thai Massage~
 May also be aptly named a "decompression session"!
This is a nurturing, comforting blend of assisted stretching, compression, rocking  as well as deep tissue/pressure point techniques. 
Relaxing, hypnotic and meditative. It is performed on a thick, comfy mat on the floor, or on the massage table. You may also choose to add a few moments before or after your traditional massage.  

Client is fully dressed in workout-type of clothes. Kick back and relax while I stretch your body for you ~ improving your overall flexibility and mobility while feeling completely pampered, rested and rejuvenated. 

I also combine components of Therapeutic/Assisted Stretching techniques-- Myofascial Release, PNF (Sports) Stretching, Stretches for Repetitive Strain Injuries, which facilitates healing and flexibility in the body.  Exceptionally beneficial for athletes and anyone who is in a "repetitive movement" line of work, and those who suffer from chronic tension or stiffness. Beneficial and appropriate for any level of flexibility.

60 min /$85      90 min /$125       2 hour /$170 

 We can do any time frame, but consider  a 2 or 3 hour session sometime~ smiley This really helps you to feel like you are 'Unwinding'!



Deep Tissue/Sports Massage~ 
A variety of techniques are used and there is a focus on bringing the body back into balance by massaging and stretching the muscles that have "shortened" in a different ratio to those that have "lengthened", rather than massaging each side equally as in traditional massage for relaxation purposes. Everyday stress, injuries, trauma, repetitive motions, poor posture and walking patterns all create imbalances or distortions in the body. Imbalances lead to aches and pains, which if left untreated may result in physical dysfunction. 
Seemingly innocent habits can create these imbalances. Over time, tension will be felt in the muscles and movement will be limited. 
During deep tissue massage, a mild amount of discomfort may be felt in areas of tension to create the changes in muscles - too little pressure will not elicit a response from the tissues, however too much pressure and the body will consider it an intrusion, tightening up even more. Thus, deep tissue massage is often much more interactive than a relaxation massage. Communication between the client and therapist is extremely important in order to remain within the comfort level of the client. 


60 min /$85       90 min/$125        2 hour /$170

(Other time frames available, please inquire!)





Massage for Relaxation

I can also simply give you a relaxing 'Swedish' type of massage (of course because of my training... it still gets infused with the other components!) But if you are not interested in 'correction' of muscular distortions or do not like the feeling of someone really 'digging into the muscles', that is no problem. I would like to mention, however, that I have had many people who could never tolerate 'deep work' with other therapist tell me that with my massage it was 'deep yet gentle at the same time'. I listen to your body and will not push past your limits.


60 min/$75     90 min/$110       2 hour /$150  

(Other time frames available, please inquire!)





Gift Certificates Available!



Reiki- (Pronounced Ray-Kee) Energy Healing~ 

(For Animal Companions...and Their People!)

Utilizing the 'healing energy of the universe', Reiki will automatically 'come out' during your massage sessions, however you may also experience Reiki by itself for a 30 minute session, for yourself, or for your pet (or both!) Light laying on of the hands, you remain fully dressed. This will help you to feel rested, balanced, relaxed and grounded. Reiki helps you to get in tune with your body and for overall wellness. (Because of my Myofascial Release training, a very gentle 'unwinding' will also be experienced!)

First Session is $20 for 30  minutes--Subsequent visits are $35 for 30 minutes​



Full Body Sea Salt Scrub~ 
One of my personal favorites! Using Dead Sea Salts with your choice of Essential Oils,  I will exfoliate the rough/dry skin and leave your skin feeling polished! I remove most of the salts with heated towels, then you rinse the rest off in a private shower, completing the session with a brief moisturizing 'massage', also with essential oils.

 Your skin feels amazing after this treatment!(At my office, the salts will be removed with heated towels only).

45 Minutes~$65




Foot Massage with Reflexology and Sea Salt Scrub~
Consists of an exfoliating sea salt scrub, hot towel foot wrap, foot massage with pressure point work, and is completed with a brief hand and neck massage to feel totally balanced and relaxed.

45 Minutes ~ $65


Scalp, Face and Neck Rejuvenation~
Release the tension held in these areas that may cause headaches, TMJ strain, and sinus pain. Heated towels and stones, Special facial lotion, Apricot Kernel, Macadamia Nut, Coconut or Jojoba oils are used to help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, while special techniques are utilized to relieve chronic tension that is typically held above the shoulders (Please note that this is not a "facial").

~45 Minutes-$65

(We can opt to not usual lotion/oil on your face if your skin tends to be sensitive). 



Raindrop Technique~ 
This a method of using particular massage techniques, reflexology, hot towels and carefully selected essential oils to bring your body into structural and electrical alignment. It is designed to bring balance to the body with its relaxing and mild application; helps align the energy centers of the body and release them if blocked without using hard pressure or trying to force the body to change; strengthens your immune system, provides a deep cleanse, and is appropriate for facilitating healing for almost any health condition. Massage movements are only on the back, neck and feet. This technique may be done on its own, (60 minutes) or in addition to a full massage session. We may also do a "Mini Raindrop" for 30 minutes in conjunction to an hour massage.  

(**I do not recommend this treatment if you have sensitive skin).

60 Minutes~ $100


Massage Enhancements 
These treatments enhance your overall massage experience, and create even more relaxation in the body and mind.


Heated Oil Scalp Massage 

I use pure Jojoba oil, which is exceptionally beneficial for the hair and scalp. (You will definitely leave with messy hair!) This treatment feels incredibly nurturing and sedating. It is completed with a hot towel head wrap so the oil will penetrate the hair shaft. It is recommended to leave the oil on the hair for an hour or two after you leave the office. 

(Not recommended to book this treatment if you need to be somewhere important soon after!)



Essential oils to enhance the benefits of your massage.
Aromatherapy is the simple pleasure of the aroma and "Memory Response". When you smell a certain scent during a particular situation, and then smell it again at a later time, your body and mind will "go back" to that original time. (Like Grandma's cookies baking or medicinal smell of a doctor's office)

Aromatherapy will help you to go into a relaxed state whenever you experience the "scent" that you choose for your massage.

Another benefit of Aromatherapy is that it is made up of "Essential Oils" from various plants. These essences have healing qualities and  can relax the muscles, invigorate the mind, or have more soothing effects.

~No Charge!


Heated Healing Stone Enhancement 
This is based on my training in "LaStone" massage. I can incorporate heated stones throughout your regularly scheduled massage. The heat and energy of the stones helps to relax the muscles and soothe the nerves, and helps to give you more grounded feeling during and after your massage. -  

For Back and Feet only~ No Charge!

For Full Body~$20


Heated Towels

The heat adds to relaxation, and also used to take off excess oils before you leave your session.

No Charge!



Back or Foot Polish/Sea Salt Scrub 
This is an abbreviated "Salt Glow", for those particular areas that tend to get more dry and chapped, or, as with the back, the skin may get "congested" and prone to break outs or flakiness. This helps to exfoliate the dead skin, leaving it soft and smooth. It is also very relaxing and sedating. (The foot polish is already added onto the Reflexology treatment!)

Back Only~ $10

Feet Only~ $10

Back and Feet ~ $20



Dry Skin Brushing 
Performed with textured gloves; exfoliates skin and stimulates blood and lymph flow. Invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Great for the immune system.

Full-Body~ $20



Guided Imagery 
Relieve some of the mental "chatter" before your massage begins so you are better able to focus on the  the relaxation or simply zone out. 

 This is performed at the beginning of your session. I begin with your head cradled between my hands, using the energy balancing of Reiki. I  verbally 'take you' to a place that you tell me ahead of time that would be relaxing to you ( the Caribbean, the mountains, a favorite room).  Then I move into an issue that you would like to work on in a positive manner (less stress, healthy body, letting go, body image, releasing judgment the possibilities are endless).

We would focus on the positive of what you want to achieve, rather than the negative of what you want to get rid of (i.e. if you want to get rid of pain, we would name your pain - perhaps if feels like a "vice" on your shoulder. We would visually unwind the vice and maybe gently push it off into an ocean,  focus on having good health, rather than give the pain more attention. We will use the image that would be most beneficial, created by you). 





**Just as with an exercise program, each massage session builds off of the one before. It can be a process, in conjunction with self-care, to help relieve long standing tension in the muscles. 

I offer a 'punch card' --Purchase 11 individual sessions and receive your 12th of equal value free! (also valid for gift certificates!)



* ( Cheltenham chiropractic location  50 min/$70. / punch card not available) 







Armed Forces Discount

(If Scheduled Before 4pm Mon-Fri) at my locations) 

For those who 'Protect & Serve'--- 

Our Veterans, Police Force, Fire Fighters----

To extend my humblest thanks for all you do

I offer the ongoing special rate of $50 for 60 minutes

for combination Therapeutic with Thai Massage at my location.

**Please let me know as you are scheduling your appointment.**



For private instruction at my office:


Massage for Fun Lessons (including Relaxation, Therapeutic, Thai and Foot Massage)

 75 minutes / 1 person learning~ $100

2.5 hours/1 or 2 people learning~ $200



Individual Stretching Lessons ~

1-2 people learning=Same pricing as Swedish Massage Therapy above.

($45 for 30 minutes or $75 for 60 minutes, total)



Cancelation Policy~
Please note that I require 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If you cancel in less than 24 hours,  or 'no-show' there will be a $30 charge for your missed appointment that will be due on your next scheduled appointment.

We understand that certain emergencies arise, so this is waived, of course, when due to sickness, inclement weather or emergency.

However, 'Repeat Offenders' will either need to prepay their appointment, or will not be able to reschedule with us.




Onsite Options


*House-calls (By Trusted Referral Only)

     2 Hour Minimum unless within 10 minutes of my location. This can be one person for two hours, or any combination of up to 6 people.

*Couples Massage (Sessions and Lessons)

*Blissful Indulgence ~Home Spa Day (we can create the perfect package for you!)

*Massage Parties ('Girls' Night In' &  Couples only)

     Perfect for Bridal/Baby Showers, events, or just to get together with your lady friends!


(Pricing is determined by travel distance. Typically 2 Hours will be $180 for Relaxation Massage or $200 for Deep Tissue/Thai Massage within 20 minutes of my location. Additional travel fees for longer distances or if there are tolls/parking fees.)



(See 'Wellness Workshops' and 'Workplace Wellness' for more information)


*Corporate Massage/ Employee or Customer Appreciation/  (this is usually 10, 15, or 20 minutes per person).

          (May be 'Employer Paid' or 'Employee Paid')


*Special Events/Sporting Events


Wellness Workshops~ Always a Fun and Educational Experience! 

Held at local yoga studios, community centers etc.

I am also available to offer these at your facility, workplace,  House of Worship, or your home~ 
     Choose from: 

*Posture & Flexibility (which has several variations~Everyday stretches, Office/Chair Stretches, Goddess Flow, among others, and includes a lecture on how you can help your body everyday by making small changes (to prevent and alleviate 'age-related' symptoms.) 

*YogaDance Fusion -A combination of YogaDance~ soft flow-y movements,' Strength & Grace', Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Inspired Movements and a little 'Creative Process' an adult kindergarten class!

*Unwind & Get Back In Balance! (A combination of of Posture & Flexibility and YogaDance!)



For Couples & Friends:


*Massage for Fun

*Thai Massage

*Foot Massage with Reflexology



~Pricing  for On-Site and Wellness Workshops varies with number of participants, distance, length of program etc. Please Inquire!  
(Prices are comparable to above pricing but will usually also reflect a small travel fee that is dependent on the distance/time traveled.)




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